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Call to Worship Video Submissions


First thank you very much for your help! This week’s Call to Worship is from Taught by Love by Lavon Bayler. Please read the text as it appears in the PDF I've attached below, including the intro portion, and follow these guidelines when making your video:

  1. Print the Call to Worship (below) or use some other means of reading it like a computer, or tablet.

  2. Set up your phone (or other video camera) so that you can look directly into the lens.

  3. Be sure that you are filming in portrait mode (vertical). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. We cannot use videos in landscape mode (widescreen). When finished, your video will appear similar to the example screenshot below. If you film in landscape mode, your video will not be used.

  4. Please read relatively slowly. This is designed as a congregational response. If it’s too fast it becomes difficult for people (either at home or at church) to speak the response together.

  5. Please record INDOORS. Recording outside makes audio a nightmare.

  6. Upload your video to the Dropbox folder linked to the button on this page. Simply click the button to begin the upload. The deadline is Thursday, August 27 at 12:00pm. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TEXT YOUR VIDEO TO TRAVIS as texting will significantly degrade the quality of the video to the point that it is unusable.


Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! I wish I could say it more strongly than that. I appreciate you very much for your help and leadership in our church’s worship.

If for some reason, the Dropbox button below is not working, use the following link instead:




Travis Lowery

Director of Music Ministries

Call to Worship Example.png
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