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You may register your child for the 2023-2024 school year. 

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By selecting "I agree," I hereby grant permission to Stephenville FUMC to transport my child (listed above) from the school listed above to FUMC to attend afternoon activities and to transport from FUMC to locations within Stephenville for various Children's Program Activities. I understand that only a licensed adult driver in good standing will be transporting my child.
By selecting "I agree," I authorize emergency treatment for my child should he/she become ill or injured while under the Stephenville First United Methodist Church's authority, provided parent/guardian cannon be reached.
Please select below whether or not you agree to grant permission to FUMC Stephenville to use the image of your child (listed above) in various media for the promotion of church related events. In any case, no child's name or identifying information will be used.
Please indicate which forms of media you will allow your child's image to be used in:

Thank you for registering!

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